Tom Viall

Why so many questions?
Why do you ask?
Why do you ask why?
Why do you ask what?
Why do you ask when?
Why do you ask where?
Why do you ask who?
Why do you ask how?

What do you want to know?
What is so important?
What is so funny?
What is the question?
What is my answer?
What is it now?
What was it then?
What will it be?

When will you stop asking?
When will you stop?
When the sun goes down?
When the moon comes up?
When is it over?
When will you ask again?
When will you stop wondering?
When will you stop being nosy?

Where are your friends?
Where is your family?
Where are your brains?
Where can I take you
where you won't ask any questions?
Where is it sound proof?
Where is the door lock?
Where is the key?

Who are you, asking so much?
Who asks all those questions?
Who taught you manners?
Who's your mama?
Who's your daddy?
Who will shut you up?
Who is more annoying?
Who will make you stop?

How can you ask so many questions?
How can you be so annoying?
How is it possible?
How can you want to know so much?
How can you know so little?
How can you think of so many questions?
How do they fit in your head?
How will I live?

Why do I ask?
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