The Hero I Never Heard of
Tom Viall

Today a tear irrigated my soul
as a list of names
and pictures of unknown faces
rand down my television screen.

Amoung them was a coad,
a Hero.
I wish he was my coach.
With blood pouring from his body,
he still had the strength
to lead others to the safe haven
of a classroom.

For four hours students tried to
stop the bleeding of their Hero.
And approaching nearer to his death,
all he asked was to see
a picture of his children.

His children-
His children could not see him,
or say goodbye.
They could not kiss him
of say that they loved him
one more time.
And just before he died
he only said,
"Tell them I love them."

Not a huge city,
but full of huge hearts
and big Heros.

In memory of William Sanders and the others that
died in the high school massacre of Littleton, CO.

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