Risk Fight
Tom Viall

So I came ready to take risk-
Every moment of life- tisk- tisk-
Hope my lisp won't get in the
Way of the mission set forth.
A new course, of course
It could be worse; riding
On the horse, like Revere to warn
Everyone of impending fear
And in our minds we'll sear
A near vision- that's the mission!

Mediocrity's got an army on the horizon
They just called me up, via Verizon.
Their lies and cons they tries on us
Caused lust to be called love
And trust gets a shove-
"No one will know-
No fingerprints when you wear a glove."

Flesh and blood could've, should've, would've
Been something different if we could get
That it isn't fittin' right in our conscience-
But we still gotta' fight.

We gotta' take control-
This war is takin' its toll.
It's cause we was spiritual fools-
We've used and abused man made tools.
To win the game, you gotta' understand the rules.
Hypocrites! Blind fools!
"In God we trust?!"
In money we trust!
All of these things decay with rust.
Moth eaten become like the cretins
Secreting poisonous apathy and calling
It Sunday morning service.

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