Proclamation and Heist
Tom Viall

The preacher hits passion
Trying to represent in a new fashion.
But the message is clear-
You gotta open your ear-
Gotta learn to hear.
You can't dis what you miss
So why can't you open
And hear this.
Hopin' means not fearin' this.

I give these lyrics
To all these peoples
Proclaiming the name of Christ.
But there's a big difference
In the proclamation and the heist.

Christ should be our head, but we're becoming
The living dead.

James spoke it loud- get out of
Empty faith, you lazy and proud.
James 1:22 is how we should do
But it seems we'd rather watch dysfunction-
Another person wanting to sue
Some Jew cause they're Arab and we're sure
Glad we're not like them.

So someone hurt you along the way-
We've all had our day-
The hypocrites won't leave but
I don't let that stop me from being
Able to believe and receive.

Was it your daddy or mommy that was
The one to treat you like crap, did they
Hit you with a psychoanalytic slap and
Destine you to a life of drugs, depression, and
Gangster rap?

I think we better move on- there's
Always truth on the other side of the con.
Can we help stop this cycle of
Hate, do we need to hold another church
Meeting and debate? Can we leave the
Problem long enough to see the answer?
Or will we join in this disunity and help
It spread like cancer?

We've got to make this end!
Start walkin' the walk instead of trying
To pretend! Give it up! This is enough!
Stop trying to be so tough, you punk!
Your ship of pride has sunk,
But it's okay cause it was a
Piece of junk.
You can't kill this rhyme
I'll preach it till the end of time.

What's up with the church people-
Hiding behind a 50,000 dollar steeple
Open the doors and see all the
Bureaucracy rooted in hypocrisy.

But don't get me wrong,
I don't be meaning to dis them all.
Sometimes I can't cope with me, lost
In a world of inadequacy.
But I can still look up and see
The blood running down the base of a tree
Providing for me a gift so free
Determined by a holy decree

This is the answer that's been sought for-
Putting our eyes on the One we were bought for.
Church politics die in this light-
The Body purged of an ungodly blight-
A renewed sense of self worth
Found in the dedication we bring forth.

Can we try this, please!
This is me on my knees!
Puking out a hereditary disease!
Let's not be fake, stop eating our cake
Getting up and awake.
There's too much at stake
When they're going to the lake.

Home 1999-2003, Tom Viall. All Rights Reserved.