Preparation Is
Tom Viall

Inside the hallways of echoes
of my soul I hear footsteps
of the One who lives within me.
I am but a jar of clay that
once was empty but now is full,
preparing myself to be a
sanctuary, a home of comfort
for my Lord.

Preparation is that of knowledge,
and knowledge, power, and power-
true power- a peace of mind.

Preparation is of a desire to
be prepared and the ambition
to continue throughout, despite
the hardships and persecution
that is sure to come.

Preparation is cleansing through
the physical aspects and the
spiritual aspects; leaving behind
past things and hoping that they
will not be picked up by scavengers.

Preparation is to love, to love
yourself and to love others. It
is not truly possible to love
others until you have a love
for yourself.

Inside the hallways of my soul
hangs the banner of knowledge,
the long red carpet is spread
out to show desire, the walls
and floors and every room
have been cleaned by my very
guest, and the love so great
cannot fully be bottled in the
dwelling place I have prepared.
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