Tom Viall

Let's talk about Layci for a moment.
I've tried to be a nice, little gent
Concerning the gossip you've sent.

But now I must kill your words-
Lies absurd
Replace truth for the deception you've heard.

Let's start right at the start
I'll tell it straight from my heart
That you've tried to sell at the Corner Mart.

I like her. I can't deny it.
But you guys want to make me sign it
In the blood from my eyes when I cried it.

And some of you guys make me sick-
Dressed in disguise- who are you trying to trick?!
Try thinking about more than your dick!

Don't minimize Layci to nice legs and a pretty face!
What a frickin' disgrace!
She's so much more than frills and lace!

If you took the time to get to know her,
You might stop trying to objectify her.
Under the microscope- magnify her.

So you read my profile!
That'd be okay if you could understand
My style.
I like to edify till I get a smile.

And every word I meant it,
But you made them currency for your gossip
And spent it.
But I want to tell it all
And not just hint it.

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