Cardiac Arrest
Tom Viall

The fort I’ve built for myself has a gate.
There’s a list on the wall I check regularly
to remind me of why NOT to open these doors.

It was weird when it happened;
I had checked the list,
in FACT I had checked it several times.
All seemed to be okay and all was right.

Why then, Oh Lord, do I despise the mere
EXISTENCE of these gates?
Why, Oh Lord, when I had checked the list and all,
Satan still managed to worm his way in?

Why, Oh Lord, has this demon established a
trade route in my castle?
I never asked for any of these
so-called “GOODS!”

All that’s in the past now;
and I can’t seem to close the gates.

The demon pays me a visit sometimes,
he comes to trade a few boxes of hatred
in exchange for some boxes of “sound mind.”

I guess there’s no choice in the matter.
I’ll just store them in the corner.
right next to the boxes of pain.
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