A Brother's Blessing
Tom Viall

A celebration.
A creation.
A unification.

Give away this sister, would this brother?
She is my only, I have no other.
And to this man, would my sister I give?
For forever and always together to live?

The question I keep assessing
Is would I dare to give my blessing?
And how, a man, would I test,
To see if for my sister, he is the best?

Would I look at the dark and distant past,
When a manís flag only flies at half-mast?
No. For it is what is presently within
That allows us to discern fools from men.

Is it even my call to make?
As if judging man was a job to take.
As if for my sister I should make this decision
That only she could decide with any precision.

So, I adjust my thoughts to make one application,
To enter on behalf of this couple with supplication,
Praying and believing for a household of peace,
Doing it for my sister, a soon to be brother, and a niece.

Behind this union I have grown to believe
Is the backing of the Messiah of whom I did receive.
It is in this One I put my trust for these two to grow,
The One who gave His all so God they may know.

In His hands may these two be,
A blessing they could never get from me,
One that can only come from above,
Joining these two in holy love.

So I come to a wonderful conclusion,
Jesus Himself will take care of this bonding fusion.
And I answer the question I have been assessing.
You most certainly have a brotherís blessing.

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